Dr. Leslie Meyers

Dr. M has been my healthcare “person” now for several years. She’s supported me through infertility, gut health, health concerns with my daughter, and preventing and getting over illnesses like the common cold. More than supporting my physical health though, she has helped give me PEACE OF MIND–a treasure for a working mama like myself who tends towards being a little Type A. I TRUST her and that helps me LET GO (of my worry, fear of worst case scenario, fear I’m not doing enough, etc). And letting go helps me show up to my life (work, partner, kiddo, friends) more myself. I’m so grateful for Dr. M and her whole person care for me!

Dr. Meyers is the most focused, attentive, and insightful health care provider I have ever worked with. I had crippling insomnia for two years following the birth of my son and had exhausted every option I could think of –medications, major diet and lifestyles changes, cognitive therapy, etc. By the time I visited Dr. Meyers I was fairly convinced no one could help me.

From our first meeting, she gave me hope that we could figure out how to make things better. She came at the issue from all angles: homeopathic medicine, simple mental exercises, easy but impactful dietary suggestions, while making space for conventional medicine to do its part as well. She was also very validating and respectful, always ‘meeting me where I was at’ and really hearing me.

My insomnia has gone from a debilitating struggle to a rare blip since I began working with her. I truly credit her with turning around one of the most difficult periods of my life – and it is such a relief to know I can turn to her when and if I need to. In addition, she’s helped to improve my wellbeing in so many ways I was not even looking for when I first approached her – my immune system is much stronger, and with some light suggestions from her I’ve dropped a few big mental habits that were not serving me. She is truly the health care provider I trust and lean on the most and who has the biggest impact on my health and wellbeing. Thank you, Dr. Meyers!

My experience with Dr. Meyers transformed my health. For years, I sought relief of chronic health problems through my traditional primary care physician. I found no help and my symptoms intensified. I began to believe that there was nothing to be done. That’s when I found Dr. Meyers. For the first time, a doctor HEARD me and BELIEVED me. Dr. Meyers used a holistic approach of nutrition, supplements and stress management. I am now symptom free! I highly recommend Dr. Meyers. You will find kindness, a listening ear and a very capable and thorough physician.

I discovered through laparoscopic surgery that I had endometriosis. Over the years my endometriosis grew until it was severe. Four years after my diagnosis I began to dread my monthly cycle. For a couple of days the pain would be so intense that it doubled me over. It felt like I was being stabbed by knives. An ultrasound revealed a massive fibroid tumor as well. My period was now 10 days long and my flow was extr