Dr. Leslie Meyers, ND

Dr. Leslie Meyers is a licensed and board certified Naturopathic Doctor. After completing her doctorate degree from Bastyr University in 2008 and a specialty degree in homeopathy from the New England School of Homeopathy, Dr. Meyers practiced general medicine in Seattle, focusing on women’s health, fertility, gastrointestinal issues, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and insomnia. She performed annual gynecological exams, wrote both conventional and natural medicine prescriptions, and provided true holistic care.

When Dr. Meyers relocated her thriving practice from Seattle to Asheville, North Carolina in 2014, the scope of her practice shifted in accordance with statewide regulations (Naturopathic Doctors are trained as primary care providers and are currently licensed to act as such in 18 states, most of which are in the Northeast and the Western U.S.). She treats patients using herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrient therapy, nutrition and lifestyle counseling in private practice at WaterLeaf Naturopathic Medicine.

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Dr. Emily Colwell

Dr. Emily Colwell, MSSW, ND

Dr. Colwell is our stress and anxiety expert. She began her career as a clinical social worker after graduating from Columbia University School of Social Work. She practiced for almost 10 years before moving to Australia for an adventurous year of pre-med studies. She went on to graduate from Bastyr University in Seattle, where she received her doctorate in naturopathic medicine in 2006. She continues to blend her 28 years of expertise in clinical social work and naturopathic medicine into her current practice, where she addresses the emotional health of clients, as she finds this has an equally profound and lasting impact on physical health.

Dr. Colwell is also a popular blogger who shares her experience and wisdom in a down-to-earth, relatable style, leaving readers feeling seen in their struggles coupled with refreshed hope for their future. (https://dremilycolwell.com/blog/)

It was through her own struggles with lifelong anxiety, childhood sexual abuse, family addiction, chronic illness, and cancer that she discovered the relief she’d been searching for has lived inside her all along. Yet she knows first hand how easily experiences like these feel like your enemy. After years spent searching for the answers and looking for ways to rid herself of her uncomfortable, sometimes unbearable anxiety, she learned to come back home to herself in micro-moments, which changed her relationship with this anxiety and transformed her experience with it. This experience birthed in her a new lens that continues to invite a shift from seeing only what is wrong in her and her life. Instead, it welcomes the discovery of all the ways uncomfortable human experiences like anxiety, chronic illness, cancer, and even the lasting effects of sexual trauma or family dysfunction are beckoning us each home, where the possibility of healing is truly born. She continues to share with her patients, readers, and friends the tools to shift from a lens of wrongness to one of curiosity and presence in the micro-moment. And she is repeatedly thrilled by the ways these tools go on to transform their lives, too.

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Lauren Furgiuele, RDN, LDN

Lauren is a Registered Dietitian who specializes in human nutrition and functional medicine. As the integrative dietician and health coach of the team at Waterleaf Naturopathic Medicine, Lauren helps our practice members to better understand how lifestyle behaviors can impact health. She guides them in exploring behaviors that will ultimately help them reach their goals. Behavioral changes can be difficult to navigate alone, and Lauren is here to support, motivate and cheer on our practice members to better health.

While not in the office, you will most likely find Lauren spending time in her kitchen cooking or baking, hiking one of the many trails of Western North Carolina, listening to the podcast “ologies”, or filling the house with music by playing the piano and singing.


Nora Hall – Office Manager

Nora returned to her roots in ‘98 when she moved from the Chicago suburbs back to the Asheville area.  Nora enjoys the beauty of western North Carolina, often spending time outside gardening and exploring the mountains with her two chocolate labs.

Nora is an experienced professional who draws on her organizational skills gained during her time as a real estate broker.  Although Nora enjoyed great success in real estate, she came to Waterleaf as a way to continue to serve people while gaining time to spend with her family.  Nora is known as the “Go-To” person at Waterleaf.  While ensuring you get the help you need,  you will come to know Nora for her quick Irish wit and friendly demeanor.