Managing PCOS Naturally

Have you been diagnosed with PCOS and only offered birth control pills or Metformin? Have you been told these are your only options, or that you’ll likely need medical intervention to get pregnant? Are you diligent with diet and exercise but still struggling with weight issues due to PCOS? It doesn’t have to be such an uphill battle and drugs don’t have to be your only option. Let us help you to understand what is needed for healing and balance for you and your body. We will help you learn what’s happening in your body, find natural hormone balance, have regular cycles, reduce PCOS symptoms, and trust your body’s ability to conceive. At Waterleaf, we listen closely to understand your situation and help balance your hormones. Let’s find a solution that helps you feel like yourself and addresses the root cause!

In order to address PCOS correctly and do it well, we look at the following:

1. Testing: It is important to test for various hormonal imbalances, blood sugar issues, nutrient deficiencies, adrenal health, thyroid health, and more. We want to have all of the information needed to help you in your health journey.

2. Symptoms are messages from the body: We take the time to listen and understand what you are experiencing.

3. Nutrition: Nutrition is key to healing hormones and addressing PCOS. In general, a low-carb/sugar diet is important for most people with PCOS. We know how to make this easier, and our supportive team will give you strategies and support through your nutrition journey.

4. Blood sugar regulation: Folks with PCOS often have some level of insulin resistance. Addressing this has a great effect on the hormonal picture.

5. Cortisol: Cortisol is the hormone that responds to stress and it also gives you energy. So you don’t want it too low or too high. If it is out of balance due to years of chronic stress or recent stress, this can throw off sex hormones and worsen PCOS. We measure cortisol four times in one day through a saliva test that’s completed at home. This enables us to better understand how stress is impacting your body so we can help you balance cortisol and stress more easily.

6. Thyroid: Similarly to cortisol, if the thyroid is out of balance, this can cause imbalances in sex hormones. We measure your thyroid through three different thyroid hormone tests and make sure to help you support healthy thyroid function.

7. Stress management and sleep: If someone comes in with sleep issues, one of the first things we want to do is help them sleep better as this affects everything. Similarly, we address stress through nervous system balancing, supplements, and coaching from our team. 

8. Herbs: Supplements and herbs are helpful tools for speeding up the process, making hormonal healing easier, and helping those with PCOS to have regular cycles and less symptoms.

At Waterleaf, we listen to ensure we understand what you and your body need. Then, we make a plan to achieve that goal and support you through it so you can achieve great results. It is our mission to help our practice members feel empowered in their health and know what to do to feel good! 

What is the next step? Please fill out our contact form (or call 828-505-0402), and a team member will reach out to set up a complimentary 15-minute call to discuss whether we should take that next step together—that step towards feeling good in your body, having optimally balanced hormones and having long-term health.