Heal Your Gut Naturally

If you have gut issues, you may have gone to a doctor for it and been offered pharmaceuticals to help. But for gut health, is this really the longterm answer? There is a drug for everything. If you are constipated, you are prescribed Miralax. Maybe the Miralax helps you to have a bowel movement, but you are still re-absorbing toxins from your colon. You are still not feeling as well as you know you could. Your gut is still creating inflammation in your body. Your microbiome is still not happy. Let’s find an answer that helps you to actually feel healthier, have more energy, and is helping to address the root cause!

In order to address gut health correctly and do it well, we need to look at the following:

1. Nutrition– Your food can either increase inflammation in your body or decrease inflammation in your body. What you eat is probably the biggest factor in your gut health. Waterleaf will help you know exactly what is going to be helpful in terms of nutrition for you and your body. It is also important that it not only works for your health but for your life! So helping you to make your nutrition sustainable is key here.

2. The microbiome– If you have a strong history of antibiotic use as a kid; have never felt right since that trip abroad when you got a stomach bug; or experience bloating after every meal, then these are indicators that your microbiome may be off. We need to balance the microbiome and create an environment where the good gut bacteria can thrive and be in balance.

3. Gut function– It is important that you are producing the right amount of stomach acid at the right time, your gallbladder is properly secreting bile, and your pancreatic enzymes are helping you to properly digest your food. Issues in these areas can cause GI upset, such as GERD, reflux, gastritis, abdominal pain, bloating, constipation, and diarrhea or loose stools. In fact, did you know that GERD and reflux can actually be a symptom of having too LITTLE stomach acid and not too much? The sphincter between the stomach and the esophagus is triggered to close when there is a certain amount of acid in the stomach. If there isn’t enough, then the sphincter will not close and the acid will splash up into the esophagus. Some people never realize this and stay on acid blocking medication for the rest of their lives, increasing their risk for conditions such as osteoporosis. We don’t want you to just stop your medications. Healing can take time. We know it isn’t easy to do on your own and that people need support and guidance in order to heal.

4. Stress– If you have IBS and we don’t address how your body responds to stress, it can be hard to fully heal. You have half a billion nerves lining your gut, so your nervous system is an important part of gut healing. The Vagus nerve is part of these nerves that connect the gut to the brain and can be a great part of addressing the gut brain connection.

5. Herbs– Supplements and herbs are a helpful tool to help speed along the process and make gut healing easier. We use gentle herbs that are soothing to the gut lining. We may also use herbs to help with liver health, probiotics specific for your condition, and the right fiber based on your needs. Have you heard of prebiotics? Prebiotics are food for the good gut bacteria and fiber is a great prebiotic. We will figure out which supplements are right for you and what your body is needing.

6. LabsTesting is helpful to see if low absorption from the gut is contributing to vitamin deficiencies, if low thyroid function is contributing to GI issues, how stress is impacting the body, if hormonal issues are connected to gut dysfunction, or if there is possibly a bacterial overgrowth in the gut. We may run blood tests, a saliva test, or and/or a breath test to help uncover any underlying causes.

At Waterleaf, we will understand what you are needing, make a plan to get you there, and support you through that plan so you can get great results. It is our mission to help our practice members feel empowered in their health and know what to do to feel good!

What is the next step? Please fill out our contact form and a member of our team will reach out to set you up with a complimentary 15 minute call with us to see if we should take that next step together. That next step towards feeling good in your body, having a healthy gut and having long-term health.