Dr. Leslie Meyers

Dr. Leslie Meyers, ND

Dr. Leslie Meyers is a licensed and board certified Naturopathic Doctor. After completing her doctorate degree from Bastyr University in 2008 and a specialty degree in homeopathy from the New England School of Homeopathy, Dr. Meyers practiced general medicine in Seattle, focusing on women’s health, fertility, gastrointestinal issues, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and insomnia. She performed annual gynecological exams, wrote both conventional and natural medicine prescriptions, and provided true holistic care.

When Dr. Meyers relocated her thriving practice from Seattle to Asheville, North Carolina in 2014, the scope of her practice shifted in accordance with statewide regulations (Naturopathic Doctors are trained as primary care providers and are currently licensed to act as such in 18 states, most of which are in the Northeast and the Western U.S.). She treats patients using herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrient therapy, nutrition and lifestyle counseling in private practice at WaterLeaf Naturopathic Medicine.

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Dr. Emily Colwell

Dr. Emily Colwell, MSSW, ND

Dr. Colwell helps patients whose lives are gripped by anxiety and stress.  Bringing in her medical knowledge of the nervous system and her clinical social work skills, she teaches patients how to have relief from their anxiety and stress so that their well-being and health are transformed rather than hindered.

She knows first hand what it feels like to have life ruled by anxiety and stress, as this was her experience for the first few decades of her life.  Dr. Colwell knows how significantly this can impact health, too. She also knows the freedom that comes with learning to navigate these experiences in ways that release the hold they have. She frequently writes about this in her blog.

Dr. Colwell practices emotional medicine and understands that emotional well-being and physical health are closely interwoven.  After helping patients address their physical health for 14 years as a naturopathic doctor, she came to understand that true healing is limited when emotional wellness is not included. Having experienced this freedom herself, she now teaches her patients and readers how to have this relief, too, because how can she keep this a secret? 🙂

If you are interested in working with Dr. Colwell to find relief from your anxiety and stress, click the button below.

And if you are interested in addressing BOTH your emotional and physical health, Dr. Colwell and Dr. Meyers can work in conjunction to help you find relief.  If this is of interest, reach out to either doctor to get the ball rolling.

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