Natural Solutions for Chronic Fatigue, Hormone Imbalance and ‘Never Saying No’

Monica was spiraling. Too much to do, never enough time. The body that once bounced back, whatever she was eating – or sometimes not eating – now demanded more of her. It was more than she knew how to give.  Monica suddenly became a caretaker for her partner. Add on perimenopause, and she said “things [...]

Meditation and COVID

Holy cow!!  There is information coming my way all day every day about COVID-19. The information of utmost importance to me is what my patients are needing, what the best healthcare practices are, what vitamins/herbs are warranted right now, what drugs are worsening infections, what drugs are improving outcomes, what populations are at greatest risk, what [...]

Healthcare for a Vibrant Life

What if when you came to your doctor for an annual exam, you were asked not only if you were taking any new medications or when your last mammogram was. Imagine if you were also asked every year if you were happy in your relationship and your current work situation. Then you were guided towards [...]

Knowledge, Purpose, Peace

What do these three things have in common? They all affect your health despite not involving labs, medications, diet, or exercise. Knowledge: This is the key to being an advocate in your healthcare. Come to your visits prepared. Ask questions. Trust a knowledgeable doctor and also trust your gut. Remember that you are the boss [...]