Patient Testimonials


I am so thankful I found Dr. Emily Colwell!

I went initially to discuss infertility (i had not had a cycle in 8 years) and after about a year of working together it returned. I few months later I was pregnant and currently have a beautiful little girl.

She did not jump recklessly into fixing the presenting problem, but looked to the roots/source and helped me slowly build health in my body so that when I did start my period I almost felt like my body was glowing.

She listened closely, carefully explained her hypothesis and recommendations for treatment, and offered solutions no other doctor had ever presented to me. She was kind and visiting her office felt like stepping into compassion and care. I highly recommend her.
– Rachel L.


After several visits to other doctors to diagnose and treat a complicated and ongoing illness, I decided to try a naturopath. I’ve heard from friends that many naturopaths are also comfortable with traditional “western” medicine and will treat you using techniques and methods that incorporate a wide range of approaches. From supplements to antibiotics, you’re covered.

Dr. Leslie Meyers was thoughtful, thorough, and easy to talk to. She took time to answer all of my questions, and even took time to call me on the phone in between office visits and talk about my symptoms. When she thought we needed a second opinion, she referred me to a urologist.

The only thing I’m not thrilled with is the delay in response to phone messages / emails to the receptionist., but I’m glad I chose this office and I’d recommend it to all of my friends.
– Scott F.


Dr Meyers listened closely to my needs and helped come up with solutions that I felt comfortable with, since I am more accustomed to more mainstream than naturopathic medicine. I was pleased both with her care and with the results.
– Rebecca W.


When you find a doctor like Dr. Colwell and they tell you they are moving out of state you actually consider moving too. I am very grateful to have had her as my doctor and will miss her.

She never rushed into any treatment plan but instead spent time talking to me and discussing how to proceed. She was thoughtful in her plan of action and I always left her office excited to try the things we discussed, as I knew I would start feeling better. If something didn’t work she always had a Plan B.

I have struggled with insomnia for as long as I can remember. Dr. Colwell was the first to test my adrenals and with that she was able to create a treatment plan to address the problem. I now sleep better than I have ever slept and have more energy.

When I was struggling with infertility she helped me get my body and cycle as healthy as it could be. When I needed more than Naturopathic medicine she helped me find the right acupuncturist and worked in conjunction with other Fertility Doctors I was seeing. I now have a beautiful daughter.
– Dawn A.


After visits with multiple doctors and specialists for pain I was having, I was told I should go on an anti-depressant so I wouldn’t “notice the pain anymore.” This is when I decided to try a naturopath, who I anticipated wouldn’t like that option any more then I did. Dr. Leslie Meyers listened thoughtfully to my symptoms, making me feel for the first time in the process that someone believed me.I have never felt so comfortable with any doctor. There came a point that I believed that I would have to live in pain the rest of my life and gave up going to doctor’s, but Dr. Meyers continued to contact me with thoughts on my case and coaxed me into coming back in. She was able to diagnose me when no one else was. She has been the most thoughtful, dedicated, and well-rounded doctor I have ever worked with. She gives equal thought to naturopathic and traditional medical treatments, explains benefits and pitfalls thoughtfully, and makes you feel comfortable making your medical decisions. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
– Megan L.


Dr. Meyers is the best doctor I have had. She is very thorough and will not take any risks with serious conditions. I prefer a natural remedies over conventional and why I prefer naturopathic medicine, but if conventional is the best she will still recommend it. It’s also the holisitc approach that I like about naturopathic medicine. Dr. Meyers took the time to go through all my symptoms, even very minor ones, my lifestyle, and family history to conduct necessary testing/diagnosis. I have never trusted or felt more comfortable with any other doctor that I have seen.
– Sarah M.


Dr Meyers is attentive and listens better than other doctors. She is able to prescribe what you need – even an epi pen for an allergy or a service animal for a disability.
– Michael T.


Dr. Emily Colwell is a phenomenal practitioner and a wonderful person. I was referred to her by a colleague after complaining about the lack of progress I was seeing while working with my internal medicine doctor. Dr. Colwell’s holistic approach to health care was exactly what I needed. After a few months I began seeing improvements in my energy and overall health. I have referred countless friends to Waterleaf Naturopahtic Clinic and all have expressed positive experiences. If you have an opportunity to work with Dr. Colwell you will not be disappointed.
– Anna W.

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