Leslie Meyers, ND

Leslie Meyers, ND is a licensed and board certified Naturopathic Doctor, after receiving a doctorate degree from Bastyr University in Seattle. She also has a specialty degree in homeopathy from the New England School of Homeopathy. Her focuses include Gastrointestinal issues, Women’s health, Pediatrics, Fertility, Fatigue, Anxiety, and Depression. She worked as a general medicine practitioner for 6 years in Seattle prior to moving to Asheville. Dr. Meyers is dedicated to helping each patient discover his or her path to optimal health using herbal medicine, homeopathy, nutrient therapy, and nutrition and lifestyle counseling.

Emily Colwell, ND MSSW

Emily Colwell, ND

Emily Colwell, ND grew up in the suburbs outside New York City, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from William Smith College and a Master of Science in Social Work degree from Columbia University. She worked as a clinical social worker in the field for almost 10 years, with extensive experience treating oncology, geriatric, homeless and psychiatric patients.  It was during this time that she was faced with her own chronic illness and discovered the immense benefits of natural medicine.  This initial exposure to natural medicine set her on her own rewarding journey toward both restored health and a change in career.

“I see medicine as an art and utilize a unique approach for each individual to encourage movement towards one’s greatest self within. I enjoy using beautifully contrasting concepts and tools simultaneously in my practice to create healing across a broad spectrum. This can manifest in a “mind, body, spirit” approach or in such cases where I encourage spiritual growth alongside more tangible medicine. I look to uncover the cause of illness and uncover what is really going on for the patient. While we work to learn the underlying issues of your complaints, I promise to listen with a gentle ear and a warm spirit.”

Dr. Meyers’ desire to become a naturopath came from her passion to serve others and her passion for medical anthropology. She enjoys exploring the perception of illness and the role of medicine in past cultures and incorporating useful aspects of these beliefs and practices into today’s culture. She has a great appreciation for the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Outside of Waterleaf, Dr. Meyers spends time biking with her family, taking photos, and appreciating the community of Asheville. She was born and raised in New Orleans, LA and attended Sewanee: The University of the South before heading west to pursue her doctorate degree. She has wonderful memories of spending summers at Rockbrook Camp in Brevard, NC and enjoying the mountains of WNC with her family. It is with great pleasure that she returns!

Dr. Leslie Meyers

From the East Coast, Dr. Colwell moved to Australia to complete a year of pre-med coursework before beginning her naturopathic medical education. After graduating from Bastyr University in Seattle with a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine, she was one of five students in her graduating class awarded a clinical residency in primary care naturopathic medicine at the Bastyr Center for Natural Health. Upon completion of her residency training program, Dr. Colwell established a thriving private practice in primary care medicine in Seattle, Washington and continued in her role as adjunct clinical faculty at Bastyr.

After living and practicing medicine in the Pacific Northwest for 10 years, Dr. Colwell and Dr. Meyers moved their practices to Asheville, NC.  Dr. Colwell is thrilled to be living closer to family and to be joining a diverse community whose value of holistic medicine, healthy living, the great outdoors and joy of music are so closely aligned with her own.

Dr. Emily Colwell is a doctor of naturopathic medicine. Her practice serves a diverse population of patients including adult and geriatric with an additional focus on anxiety, depression, fatigue, disordered sleep, and women’s health.  Dr. Colwell specializes in correcting the long-standing imbalances that lead to anxiety, depression, fatigue, endocrine disorders, autoimmune diseases, gastrointestinal disorders, cardiovascular disease, chronic pain and other chronic medical conditions. She works closely with each patient to identify and treat the cause of the patient’s condition so that the body can heal in the most natural way possible.  She incorporates clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, counseling, homeopathy, orthomolecular medicine, biotherapeutic drainage and hydrotherapy into her practice.

Dr. Colwell blends her clinical social work and naturopathic medical skills to provide clients with a holistic approach to health.  She believes that one’s health reflects the balance of one’s physical, emotional and spiritual aspects and is committed to helping her patients meet their own personal challenges in achieving this essential equilibrium.

Dr. Emily Colwell