Is your kid stressed?

It is November and we are in the full swing of school and the holidays are approaching. This is the perfect time to build in some great tools to help your kid stay energetic, healthy, and happy. If your kid is getting sick a lot or feeling anxious or stressed with the long school days, perhaps give any one of these suggestions a two week trial to see how your [...]

The Painless Menses

Who wants those menstrual cramps? Nobody!! Today, I am preaching a painless, easy, and healthy menses. Many women suffer from dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps) unnecessarily. If someone comes into see me with dysmenorrhea, I want to give her RELIEF from the pain while working on treating the CAUSE of the issue.   What to do for pain relief during your menses: The most successful therapy I have seen for relieving dysmenorrhea [...]

Your Easy Guide to Probiotics

The most common question I am asked outside the office is “Should I take probiotics and what kind?” I could give a simple answer or I could talk your ear off for an hour. So here it is folks. Your Easy Guide to Probiotics.   Why take Probiotics? Probiotics have been shown to be beneficial for gut health, immune function, mood, weight, preventing cancer, and even preventing Alzheimer’s disease. You [...]

Preventing Cavities Naturally

At our house, we do a lot of preventative care to avoid cavities in our children and in our own mouths. After my oldest child had two cavities at age 4, I wanted to do everything we could to prevent more cavities. The good thing is that much of what can be done is also great for general health. Check it out!   Vitamin D, Cod liver oil, and Probiotics [...]

Disconnect to Reconnect

I am more and more acutely aware of the challenging impact our high paced technology has on our lives. There is now a chronic underlying pull to remain connected and available to the outside world at all times. There is even a sense that constant connection with the internet, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, cell phones, etc. will keep our lives running smoothly, which will in turn, enable us to feel peace. [...]

19 Day Yoga Challenge

If “Super Size Me” and 30 days of Big Macs can make someone severely ill, then 30 days of yoga must be able to make someone fly! Seriously, for years I have wanted to do this and see what might happen. Well, I am 6 months postpartum and the local yoga shop is having an intro special. 30 days for $60. Hmmmm, good for mind, body, spirit, and wallet!   [...]

To Vegan or Not to Vegan

When I first started naturopathic medical school at Bastyr, there were a good number of vegans in my class. I’d say 10. By the time we graduated, the number had dwindled down to maybe 1.    I admire vegans and appreciate the many great reasons for living vegan. There are many people, particularly those who combat heart disease, obesity, and cancer, who absolutely thrive on a vegan diet. However, it [...]

The Flu Vaccine and the 2013 Epidemic

There is an epidemic right now but do I recommend the flu vaccine? Not for most people. I do recommend it for children with asthma or diabetes and anyone with a compromised immune system. But for others the risks are not worth the benefits. Until recently I recommended it for the elderly but not anymore, because studies have shown that the elderly don’t receive much if any benefit.   These [...]

Gluten: What’s the deal?

Many people ask me if they should be gluten-free or if why gluten is an issue for so many people. Well, the short answer is that many people and probably most people could benefit from being gluten free. Is it necessary for everyone though? No. It depends on if you are suffering from any of the following complaints: diarrhea, constipation, gastritis, flatulence, bloating, fatigue, joint pain, low immune function/frequent colds, [...]

Think “Mind, Body, Spirit”

You’ve heard the term “mind, body, spirit” but what does this mean? In naturopathic terms it can be applied to medicine in countless different ways. One of these ways is letting complaints or symptoms in one area guide you to imbalances in another area. For example, you have always suffered from some level of constipation and recently it has become much worse. This could be related to many physical causes [...]