About WaterLeaf Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Meyers and Dr. Colwell moved their thriving practice from Seattle to Asheville, NC in 2014. In Seattle, the two doctors practiced general medicine, focusing on gastrointestinal issues, anxiety/depression, fatigue, insomnia, and fertility. As general medicine practitioners in Seattle, they performed annual gynecological exams, wrote both conventional and natural medicine prescriptions, and provided true holistic care. Although the scope of practice differs in North Carolina for Naturopathic Doctors, the doctors have enjoyed bringing West Coast holistic medicine to the Appalachians, while integrating the wisdom of the beautiful, tangible herbal and mountain medicine history here.

The doctors are thrilled to be contributing to the natural medicine mecca that is Asheville. Asheville holds a wealth of wisdom for holistic medicine that will only spread to other southern states, which are in need of a holistic medicine touch. Dr. Meyers and Dr. Colwell have noticed the increase in awareness and openness surrounding natural medicine in the south and are excited to serve this area and help to spread this wisdom of integrated medicine.

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